Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

Count on our company for professional garage door maintenance following a strict schedule. We maintain all components in good shape and replace worn, damaged and faulty ones quickly.

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Garage Door Services

Garage Door Services

When people follow standard procedures for garage door maintenance, they actually solve problems before they even emerge. That's the ultimate goal of our company.

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

We have a professional team experienced in repairing garage door openers.

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Well reputed garage door maintenance technicians.

Want some garage door repair tips? Below are some effective tips that could come in handy.Check out how the garage door can operate safely, when you will need a new remote and springs, and how to remove rust! Whether you need to take decisions or deal with garage door matters, these tips will be useful

  • Avoid fixing parts alone

    It's never a good idea to engage in tasks which can be dangerous. There's a high risk involved in garage door repairs due to components working in a different way, some of them can snap, and the door is heavy. Besides your personal safety, keep in mind that you might not fix issues with parts efficiently due to a lack of proper knowledge and tools. It's always best to let a professional handle the job safely for you.

  • Electrical hazard

    It is important to note that the opener unit of your garage door makes use of electricity. Thus, you can get an electric shock if it is not handled properly. Only a trained service technician can repair and fix an opener unit and you should never try to do the same.

  • Use an appropriate solvent for cleaning and rust removal

    In most cases, a citrus-based solvent will do an excellent job. It is quite potent yet gentle to the metal surface. If it is not powerful enough, you can consider using a universal product like WD-40. Just make sure that it is approved by your door's manufacturer.

  • When it's time for spring replacement

    Garage door springs ought to be replaced before they become too weak. Check how many cycles your springs are manufactured for and change them before that date. If one of the extension springs is damaged, the specialists of our garage door company suggest replacing both.

  • When new remote controls are required

    The clicker will stay with you for long if you maintain it properly and regularly. You will definitely need garage door remote replacement if you lose it, it's totally destroyed or replace the opener but it would also be wise to change it if it's old. New remotes will make your life easier and safer because they would have rolling codes for total protection.

  • Garage Door Safety with Kids

    A garage door is huge and heavy. While it offers protection to your property, it may cause injuries, damage or even death if not used properly. If there are kids at home, please make sure to let them know that the garage door remote is not a toy! Keep it out of their reach to ensure that they will not play with it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

  • Garage Doors Should Have the Reversing Feature

    This reversing feature is very important in making sure that it closes and opens automatically. If you observe that your door just closes by itself, it may be high time for you to upgrade your door to a model that includes the reversing feature in its system. The reversing feature can also provide convenience to the one operating it.

  • Installation Should be Performed Accordingly

    In order for your garage door to function as expected, make sure to have the installation process performed according to the manual of the manufacturer. Our experts suggest following such instructions properly. Getting the process right from the start provides a bigger chance of your garage door lock to function well for a long period of time.

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