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Often Asked Questions About Garage Doors

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Often Asked Questions About Garage Doors

If you're wondering how you can improve the performance of your garage door and lower its chances of malfunction, then this page can help. We had our experts answer the following FAQs so that you won't have to scour the internet for an informative answer to these questions.

Can an oil tempered spring stain my garage door?

Yes, it can. According to our experts, as the torsion spring twists and unwinds during the door's opening and closing process, tiny black residue particles are released. They typically stick to the panels and can be quite hard to remove. When paint is stripped, however, they will go away.

Why do some parts get rusty?

Most garage door parts are made of metal. Rusting is a natural procedure since steel is affected by oxygen, salt, and water. If you want to avoid such an issue, our experts recommend getting stainless steel or galvanized parts. You must also keep in mind that metal components need lubrication maintenance, which will help them perform more smoothly and resist the development of rust.

Which components need to be replaced along with the door?

The opener, the tracks, and the springs are the main three components that oftentimes also need to be replaced. If your new door is heavier or larger than your old one, they may not be able to support it properly, which can lead to dangerous accidents. It's best to get them replaced and avoid more costly repairs down the line.

What are the disadvantages of wooden garage doors?

The price of wooden garage doors is usually higher than of ones made of other materials. Another big disadvantage is that they need regular maintenance in order to be preserved. That means regular repainting and cleaning, and an investment of time and effort on your part.

What is the multi code remote?

This is a type of remote control that can be used to operate a few different openers. It can be useful if you have more than one garage door and don't want to have to keep a few separate remotes. Contact our team if you're looking for a new one.


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