Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

Count on our company for professional garage door maintenance following a strict schedule. We maintain all components in good shape and replace worn, damaged and faulty ones quickly.

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Garage Door Services

Garage Door Services

When people follow standard procedures for garage door maintenance, they actually solve problems before they even emerge. That's the ultimate goal of our company.

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

We have a professional team experienced in repairing garage door openers.

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Garage Door Opener Maintenance

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Hardware Care

Garage Door Opener Maintenance in TacomaThis service ranges from checking for damage and testing to cleaning and lubrication.


A drive belt may require only cleaning, if it is dirty. If the opener uses a chain or a metal rod (screw drive units), it will need to be lubricated as well. Lubricants which are especially designed for openers and contain lithium are the best choice.

Rail and Trolley

The rail should be checked for bending and loose bolts. If the trolley is worn or damaged, it should be replaced. The sections where the trolley gets into contact with the rail require lubrication.

Release Handle

It should be easy to pull. It must disconnect the garage door from the opener immediately. If it doesn’t work properly, it should be fixed or replaced.


These hold the motor unit in place and need full inspection for damage. Loose bolts, bending and rugs are all serious problems which require immediate solution.

Safety Sensors

These small devices sit on the sides of the door, some six inches above the floor. They have been mandatory opener accessories since the introduction of the UL 325 standard.


Both the sensors and their wiring should be checked for damage. If the wiring has cuts or twists which are impossible to straighten, it will need replacement.


It involves wiping the sensors clean with soft cloth which is dry or just slightly damp. The second step is alignment. The photo eyes must be exactly opposite each other to work properly.


It starts with opening the door and placing a solid object in front of one of the sensors. The object must block it completely. Upon pressing the remote control button, the door must stay in place. If it starts going down normally, the safety sensors should be repaired or replaced.

Motor Unit

This unit holds the motor and the hardware connecting it to the drive plus the circuit board and lights.


Visual inspection will reveal physical damage to the unit. It’s highly unlikely due to the strong plastic casing.

Force Testing

It involves placing wood plank on the floor under the safety sensors while the garage door is opened. When the door closes, it should touch the plank and reverse. If it hits the plank hard, the closing force has to be reduced using the dial at the back of the motor unit.


These require maintenance to work properly for longer.


The casing, buttons and battery compartment need cleaning with a bit of alcohol. If necessary, the batteries should be replaced.

Wireless Keypad

Since the keypad is mounted outside, it will need more thorough cleaning. Any gunk around the buttons should be removed gently without the use of sharp metal tools. The keypad may also need new batteries.

Wall Panel

It is important to check the wiring as well as the casing and buttons for damage in the first place. The panel will require full cleaning.

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